One of my reasons for deciding to step up and run to serve my community as City Councillor for Ward 4 comes from my desire to be a positive role model for my two boys, Merek and Everett, and teach them about civic duty and responsibility.
Wes Hill

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Merek just turned nine, and Everett is seven. Both boys are incredibly, insatiably, inquisitive. Both constantly bombard Jess and I with why, what, when, where, who questions. Merek of course, is just that little bit older, so tends to ask for detailed answers – often to questions that demonstrate critical thinking skills far beyond his years.
After a discussion about some random public good issue, Merek asked me for (what seemed like) the 1000th time, “Can’t you do something about that?”. As usual, both Everett and Merek were looking up at me big eyed and trusting and I knew the only answer was "I can try." -- And that is when I started seriously thinking about running for public office.
Of course, as always and always, there has been wholehearted encouragement from my amazing better half Jessica.
When my head gets too big, when I taken on too much, when I'm looking for new ways to tackle new problems -- she is there when it matters keeping me grounded.

Wes Hill with life partner Jessica Spooner attending a family wedding.
Kitchener Laughing Demon Gastropub

Together we built an amazing and fulfilling brand -- The Laughing Demon. Despite the insane working involved in closing our current Pioneer Park location, a host of family priorities and issues on our plate, and the ongoing project of preparing for the next iteration of The Laughing Demon, Jess is still not just putting up with my run for Kitchener City Council, she continues to tirelessly support all my efforts and goals.

Invariably, the big guy is in the room in our home. That is, he is when he is not putting is 100+ pounds of pure muscle into hauling the family down to one of the trails on Schneider Creek. I’m proud to say that I have the unequivocal endorsement and support of Fur Face, our two year old Bernese Mountain dog.

Kitchener Laughing Demon Gastropub

A significant part of the family fitness routine involves not being hauled into the water right along with Fur Face, and minimizing the amount of creek that gets tracking into the house.

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